Software Development.

  • Vehicle current location updates with detailed information
  • Vehicle travel path history maps for upto 30 days or as needed
  • All vehicles current location map with location and speed information
  • Comprehensive Trip Information Report for the entire fleet
  • Comprehensive Route Analytics
  • Fleet Current Location Dashboard
  • Location based notifications such as arrival information, station entry, station exit etc by Phone, SMS or Email
  • Station Entry, Station Exit SMS Alerts as needed
  • Reports (Web Access & Scheduled Email Reports)
  • Admin User Role and View Only Users
  • Geo fence at entire route level
  • Custom locations naming on map at user level
  • Daily Trips Report
  • Daily Speeding Report
  • Distance Traveled in Kilometres / miles Report
  • Stops with duration Report
  • Restricted Driving Hours Report

Personal Tracking

Tracking service tracks personal things and ensure the safety of family members driving the vehicles. In addition to tracking of the person, the tracker provides the members of the family an option to raise an alarm in case of emergencies, during the driving.Also, our watch, Rf ID card, Card Device tracker which resembles a digital wrist they keeps track of your family members when they are not in a vehicle. This tracking is possible for each and every location including indoor, open areas, parks, pool sides to name a few.

  • From any computer or mobile device, operator will be able to monitor
  • The location of the vehicles as well as family members
  • Deviations from the defined path
  • Movements in-out of geo-fences
  • In real time as well as from historical data, about
  • Excessive speeds, rapid breaking or prolonged idle times of the vehicle which indicate the driving patterns of the family members.
  • To spy on anyone

Logistics Tracking

Viral Strings is one of the major challenges for organizations that are growing rapidly. As the organization grows, volume of assets and information about each logistics increases. Locating and maintaining the history of Logistics may become unmanageable and it may cause for loss of assets and productivity. Asset tracking solution simplifies the asset tracking process.

System enables organization to

  • Track multiple assets in one shot on computer maps
  • Alert drivers and owners of assets as per the need
  • Recover stolen equipment with our tamper proof, hidden, battery powered (additional supply) GPS tracking system.
  • Avoid wrong claims by the person availed the vehicles or own staff
  • Real time alerts/notifications on mobile or computer
  • Download and print detailed reports to meet all reporting requirements for billing etc
  • Decrease diesel expenses by monitoring and/or coaching driver behavior on idling, excess braking, speeding. Also, this helps in maintaining the vehicle in a good condition
  • Invoice accurately for the exact usage of the vehicle or the equipment either by time or the distance.

Our Tracking Core Services Include:

Live tracking

Get your feilds live updates and dedetion on temprature, Pressure, Scaning due point etc instantly with our application on online display

Real Time alert

Recieve your feild alerts through instant ways like get instant sms, email, phone call, popup/notification on ovr developed application.

Preventive Maintenace

Equipment downtime is decreased and the number of major repairs are reduced. Better conservation of assets and increased life expectancy of assets, thereby eliminating premature replacement of machinery and equipment.

Saving on time/fuel/power

Fetching of data with our devices is eco friendly, deos't have genertates any kinde of radiation. Low Maintenance and Operation Cost, Energy Efficiency, Reduces Strain on Local Resources.